A $10 lunch or dinner in this town that didn't come from a taqueria or a Burger King is sadly a rarity these days. But the new take-out counter at Flour + Water Pizzeria offers just that via its daily Big Slice — $8 for a slice that's about the size of a half of one of their regular pies, plus $2 for an optional side of housemade ranch.

But after Chronicle critic Soleil Ho tweeted about the slice, saying "honestly it’s a really great fuckin deal for food this good," she drew some skepticism and eyebrow raises. A slice of pizza, most would say, shouldn't cost $8.

Of course, SFist took note three years ago when the much humbler (and less high-quality) Serrano's on 21st Street was selling slices of their Serrano's Special for $10.35, loaded up as it is with too many toppings. So if this Flour + Water Pizzeria slice is as good and as large as she says, why should anyone complain, really?

But what's ensued is the age-old debate about how much food should cost, and whether food made well, with high-quality ingredients, is ever as "overpriced" as people think, when a restaurant is just trying to turn a small profit.

Local chef Preeti Mistry then chimed in:

Rather than debate this in a vacuum, perhaps we should all be ordering and tasting this thing first, and deciding for ourselves if it feels like a deal or a rip-off.

You'll be hard-pressed to find good slices around town for much less than $5 or $6, even at Arinell two blocks away, so for a big, folded-over monster with arugula spilling out of it, this complete meal should not be cause for debate — let alone faux outrage.

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