Officially, almost definitely the most expensive slice of pizza in San Francisco right now — if not the nation — appears to be the Serrano's special slice at Serrano's on 21st Street. What is, really, just a serviceable slice shop serving up typically doughy, SF slices that most New Yorkers scoff at, appears to be really stretching the value limit on their slices, which top out with the #26, Serrano's, currently priced at $10.35 — as Mission Mission was quick to catch this week.

That slice is topped with far more than should really be on one slice of pizza, but that may not be for me to judge. It's a combo of salami, pepperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, black olives, onions, and garlic.

Now, they may be either trying to gouge late-night drunks and stoners or discourage slice-ordering online — and rolling the cost of delivery into these slice prices. They offer free delivery, but as you can see on this is not a typeo, and the second most-expensive slice, the Fiesta, is $9.55. And mind you, you can get a whole 14-inch version of the Serrano pizza for just three times the slice price, or $30, or an x-large 18-incher for $36.

But it looks like these are the prices whether you're ordering in the shop or not, so they're basically charging non-delivery customers outrageous slice prices to make up for the lazy people who call and order two slices delivered.

Do note, a slice of plain cheese here is $3.95.

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