The incendiary language points to the work of Gay Shame, but these professionally printed hangtags saying "Transphobia Prohibited" came from an ostensibly new underground group called Anti-Transphobia Action.

Meant to look like similar hanging signage that Muni uses for service-change messaging, these anti-transphobia signs also, curiously, bear the message "Be gay, do crime." The signs use the pink, baby blue, and white color scheme of the Trans Pride flag, and they say a few other things too.

"We're still fucking here. If you fuck with us, we'll fuck you up," the signs say, with translations in Spanish.

The "Be gay, do crime" part is the point of confusion.

As Hoodline reports, the first signs appeared on the N-Judah on Wednesday, and the SFMTA quickly responded, saying these are not Muni-sanctioned.

Now there may be more of the hangtags appearing on other train lines, as the group's Twitter account, @pridetrainsf, tweeted out digital versions for DIY printing.