Three consecutive storm systems are moving into the Bay Area beginning late Tuesday, and it's going to make for an unusually wet mid-May.

A cold front moving into our midst is going to bring steady bouts of rain this week, primarily Wednesday into Thursday, as the National Weather Service tells us. The atypical weather pattern for this time of year is predicted to bring rainfall totals between 0.5 and 1.5 inches throughout the region.

This comes after an already wetter-than-average, El Nino-influenced winter, and so far this "water year" (since October 1), San Francisco has received 23.78 inches of rain, as the Chronicle reports.

NWS meteorologist Carolina Walbrun tells the Chronicle that this May sprinkling is "not unheard of or unprecedented," but it is not usual. She says that the typical pattern this time of year would be for the cold front to break up and scatter small showers in disparate places, but the coming front is "holding together fairly well" and therefore will be spreading rain evenly around the Bay Area.

The rain moving in Tuesday and Wednesday will be followed by a second cold front moving in on Saturday, bringing more wetness. That will be followed by a third into next week.

The driest day this week looks to be Friday, and the Weather Channel is predicting partly sunny skies and a high of 59.

It remains to be seen if we get a nice Memorial Day, or what.