A huge new organ is on its way to the Castro to replace the theater's long-gone "Mighty Wurlitzer."

As SF Weekly tells us, following the retirement of the busted former organ in 2015, a grand new one has been under construction at a facility in Pennsylvania. And with seven keyboards, 800 "stop tab" keys, and 1800 pipes, it's going to be the largest organ of its kind, once installed.

We still will have to wait until early next year for its installation, according to Jeff Rodman of the Castro Organ Devotees Association (CODA).

The theater's chief organist since 1978, David Hegarty, tells the Weekly that the new organ will be "the equivalent of the largest organ ever built," and it will be able to claim to be the largest pipe-digital hybrid organ in the world.

What that means is that in addition to all the pipes, the organ will have a digital sampling component as well, and will be capable of a whole new range of sounds.

Hegarty says he hopes that the Castro's new organ will be a "showcase for great organists from around the world."

In the meantime, before movies, you'll be listening to Hegarty's organ stylings on the current, temporary, electronic organ that's been there for the last four years.