Two men got into a knock-down brawl in the middle of Highway 101 on Sunday evening, and at least one person in a passing car recorded it.

The fight broke out around 6 p.m., as NBC Bay Area reports via the video taker, Mallery Petty of San Jose. Petty goes by the username "iwearpurple" on Reddit. She posted in the "Life in San Jose" subreddit with the tagline, "Happy Easter! Love, San Jose."

The incident happened in San Martin, just south of Morgan Hill.

Petty says she saw a car weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway, and then abruptly coming to a stop and putting the car in park. "A driver in front of the vehicle that stopped saw what was happening and hopped out of his car," as Petty explained it to NBC Bay Area, and then the two drivers began brawling. The fight apparently went on for a full minute.

CHP officers responding to the scene found nothing, and they declined to open an investigation.

Petty tells NBC Bay Area that she wasn't shocked by the scene. "I think that it's kind of a normal thing in these parts," she said. "That's San Jose.