A mid-spring hot spell is headed our way, with temperatures warming Wednesday and some bonafide hot weather hitting the Bay Area Thursday.

Bust out a swimsuit and hit the beach or park, should you be so lucky to not be working in the middle of this week — though warmth at the beach, of course, is never guaranteed.

Following a last splash of rain Monday afternoon, and a few clouds on Tuesday, you can expect this week to be a nice one as an area of high pressure moves in and pushed all storm activity away from us.

As SFGate reports, forecasters say this will be the warmest week yet of 2019, and the National Weather Service has some temperature predictions that will be above-average for this point in April. Various spots around the Bay will be hitting 80 on Thursday, but things are supposed to cool down a bit again on Friday.

Let's hope this continues on into May, because we basically got cheated out of nice spring heat in 2018, just like we were cheated out of a proper Indian Summer.