∙ BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas is stepping down after two tumultuous years. His decision comes after two recent violent incidents on the BART system, one of them fatal. [ABC 7]

∙ Arguing for higher wages, Muni drivers and their union sat down with reporters Monday to talk about how some sleep in their cars between shifts. The drivers, priced out of San Francisco, say their commutes are too long for it to make sense to go all the way home. [Examiner]

∙ Families in Dixon are mourning the two teen boys who were electrocuted in an irrigation canal trying to save a dog. The boys, identified as 17-year-old Jacob Hermouzos and 17-year-old Jacob Schneider, apparently grabbed onto an electrified gate or pipe while attempting to rescue the dog that was caught in rushing water. [SFGate]

∙ Despite an uptick in sound complaints in 2018, Outside Lands has had its 10-year permit renewed by the city with no sound limits. A number of neighbors complain of "late-night" base that "terrorizes" them, but the three-day concert wraps up before 11 p.m. on Saturday, and by 9 p.m. on Sunday. [SF Weekly]

∙ Two new bills in the California legislature seek to crack down heavily on drunk driving. One bill would require a breathalizer interlock device installed on the vehicle of anyone convicted of a DUI, keeping them from starting the car if they fail the breathalizer. [CBS SF]

∙ For the second consecutive year, United Airlines is expanding flight service between SFO and Pittsburgh. The move indicates the growing tech presence in the Pennsylvania city and its ties to Silicon Valley. [SF Business Times]

Kevin Durant had an explosive night in a 116-102 Dubs rout over the Denver Nuggets. [Bay City News]

Mad Bum had a bad third inning against the Dodgers last night, and they went on to beat the Giants 6-5. [Examiner]