A few more details have emerged in the Friday night sword attack outside the Church of 8 Wheels roller disco at Fillmore and Oak, and the victim was or is apparently in life-threatening condition.

The bizarre attack — which despite the absurdity of the headlines and details attached remains a serious one that is being investigated as a hate crime — reportedly occurred around 9:50 p.m. Friday. Witnesses including Church of 8 Wheels founder David Miles say that the suspect had been lingering outside the former Sacred Heart Parish harassing rollerskating patrons for a while. He was reportedly yelling homophobic slurs, among other things, and did not attempt to enter the roller disco.

When one man, the victim, confronted the suspect — allegedly flipping his Make America Great Again hat off his head and, according to NBC Bay Area, raising his middle finger in his direction — the suspect pulled a sword out from a sheath on the back of his person and slashed the man's hand and wrist.

Hoodline confirms with the SFPD today that the victim's wounds were not superficial as was initially reported, and that his hand was "partially severed." He is reportedly in critical condition as a result.

The suspect remains at large Monday, according to the SFPD, and he's only been described as a man in his 30s.

The severity of the victim's wounds makes sense in light of statements by Miles who said the man was "bleeding like a horse." Miles also posted a photo to Facebook showing a significant amount of blood on sidewalk near the discarded MAGA hat.

Subsequent to his several posts about the incident on social media, Miles tells Newsweek that among the hundreds of comments are many from Trump supporters who are calling the entire incident a hoax.

"It’s really concerning," Miles said.

In a Facebook post Monday, Miles responds to attackers and hoaxers saying, "For the record, I merely responded to a call for help outside the rink. I thought some stupid roller skater fell and hurt himself skating outside. I walked out there pissed at that thought when I ran into a bloody mess!!!"

He adds, "I've skated from San Francisco to Los Angeles 14 different time on the Skate Against Violence, Skate Against Hate, Skate Against hunger, Skate Against Crack and much more. I volunteered for VietNam and am an honorably discharged veteran!!! There was a red hat on the ground, but no one even paid any attention to it until the eye witnesses said the slasher was wearing a MAGA hat. I went back outside to look and saw the hat and took a pic."

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