One perhaps unintended side-effect of Jordan Peele's by-all-accounts-terrifying new horror film Us is that moviegoers can't see the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in quite the same way anymore.

Us was filmed on location in Santa Cruz, and Peele even tossed in a reference to another famous horror film shot there, 1987's The Lost Boys. (An opening flashback sequence in Us has a mother on the Boardwalk point out to a daughter in 1986, "They're shooting a movie over there.")

As ABC 7 reports, talking to locals in Santa Cruz, many people there seem to think the popularity of the movie will be a boon for tourism. And Kris Reyes, a spokesperson for the Boardwalk, tells CBS SF that tourist numbers were up over the weekend, especially for their "haunted stuff" — i.e. a couple of haunted attractions.

KTVU also reports that "curious" fans were flocking to the Boardwalk over the weekend.