A gentleman in Santa Rosa has staged a funny little art installation in protest of being forced by the city (via a neighbor's complaint) to lower a six-foot-high fence he'd just installed down to three feet.

As the Associated Press reported, Jason Windus of Santa Rosa posed a group of five mannequins around a table in his yard last week along with a note for the "nosey neighbor" who complained about his fence. Windus said he only put in the fence so that he could let his dogs run around in his yard, and it was just as high as many others in the area. But the city received this complaint and apparently singled him out.

So, up went the naked mannequins in protest.  "They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard, and now they get to," Windus told the AP.

And then on Friday, ABC 7 reported that two of the female mannequins were stolen. Windus tells the station that the "guard" mannequin, upon whom he'd put an army helmet, didn't seem to deter the thieves.

Three of the five mannequins remain in the display, and the City of Santa Rosa has yet to comment on the matter.