A commercial truck driver was cited Thursday after CHP followed a trail of spilled marijuana trimmings and plants about a mile long on an Oakland freeway — but he was only cited for driving without a commercial license.

The truck was in the employ of a legal marijuana business and there was nothing shady afoot. But as Bay City News reports via the CHP, the bags of marijuana started spilling out of the back of the truck bed because the gate enclosure was not properly latched. CHP officers started seeing the trail of greenery-stuffed bags around 3 p.m. Thursday, and followed it to its source. The truck was located on the connector between northbound I-880 and I-580.

And CHP Oakland's Twitter account decided to use the incident for a bit of humor Thursday evening. (Excuse the spelling of "roses.")

According to CHP Officer Herman Baza, per BCN, "Much of the marijuana was cleaned up... but there was no way of knowing when it first started falling out of the truck, or how much had spilled."

No injuries resulted from the incident, and the driver was given his ticket for driving without a commercial license.