Chalk up another outpost in the empire of Burma Superstar, this one in reach of the downtown lunch crowd at 8 Mint Plaza — the former Oro space.

It's called Burma Club, and as Eater SF reports the news, the place quietly opened Thursday night, serving a similar Burmese menu to Burma Love in the Mission, and Burma Superstar in the Richmond.

In an Instagram announcement, the Burma Inc. team calls Burma Club "our most elegant Burmese Restaurant in San Francisco."

Per the Chronicle, lunch service won't be starting right away. Co-owner Desmond Tan says that Burma Club will be dinner only for about three months, with lunch service rolling out by summer. "We want to start slow, try to minimize mistakes and just adapt to the area," Tan says.

The new space includes a "cocktail room" as well as multiple levels.

As Eater reminds us, this space was briefly the home of Commonwealth offshoot Oro, which was one of several high-profile quick-closures in 2016, shuttering after just six months in business.

The original Burma Superstar debuted on Clement Street in 1992, and has slowly grown into a San Francisco icon. The group opened B. Star in the Richmond, along with two more Burma Superstars in the East Bay, before opening their popular Mission location, Burma Love, four years back.