Two ambitious — or perhaps foolish — armed robbers tried to mug two San Francisco 49ers players after this past Sunday's game against the Washington [Insert Racist Name Here].

Mission Local reports that according to the police report, the alleged incident occurred outside the Love & Propaganda nightclub near to Union Square. 49ers rookie Ray-Ray Armstrong and veteran Reuben Foster were visiting the club, and before entering, Armstrong "noticed a white Audi" casing the club, which made him feel "like [he] was going to be robbed." As a result, he left his jewelry and watches with a friend in the club, and then they asked a security guard to escort them to their car, along with another companion.

The report goes on to say that the driver of the Audi then got out of the car along with another person, and that both suspects were wearing white hoodies and brandishing weapons, an assault rifle and a pistol, which they pointed at the group. At that point, the men say they "turned and ran like hell," which made the alleged assailants retreat to their Audi and escape. Armstrong and Foster then contacted police from the nearby Westin St. Francis. Nobody was injured, and nothing got stolen.

One veteran SFPD officer told Mission Local that the two "did the right thing" overall, commenting on their situational awareness. He continued, "They were smart enough to have the security guard escort them to their car. But you don’t want to take on [high-powered weaponry]. Better to get out of there." But when it came to actually running, the officer said, "You’re betting that the robbers aren’t so committed that they’re going to shoot. But you’re gambling with your life."

The 49ers already issued a statement about the alleged incident. Per the Chron, their statement reads, in part: "We are aware of the reports regarding the robbery and very thankful no one was harmed. Reuben and Ray-Ray have been, and will continue to be, cooperative with any further police investigation.”

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