It seems like an annual tradition that along with Fleet Week and the Blue Angels' just-for-show training exercises or whatever they are, the commenter pool at SFist should get a chance to debate whether or not this ought to still be an annual thing. Do we still live in a world full of war and ostentatious shows of military strength? Yes, of course. Do we want to be reminded of that every five minutes on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon in peace-loving San Francisco on the last day of the Summer of Love anniversary year? (If we go by the anniversary of the Diggers' "Death of the Hippie" ceremonial funeral marking the end of the summer of '67, which happened on October 6th, then today is the 50th anniversary of the end of that heady summer.)

I'll admit I'm not fan of the war machines, and air shows don't thrill me. But you're entitled to your opinion if these McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornets flying all over the city for several consecutive afternoons fill you with excitement, adrenaline, and pride of country.

So, chime in down below, friends. Is this all fun and games and a nice diversion from the status quo? Or does the ear-splitting roar of these planes piercing through what would normally be a quiet Friday, wasting taxpayer dollars on jet fuel, just unnerve and annoy you?

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