Above we see the gun that was used to fire at least three shots in a late September Nob Hill hostage incident that resulted in the shooting of the alleged hostage-taker, 46-year-old Damian Murray. Previous police reports detailed how Murray was accused of barricading himself inside his apartment with his wife and two children ages 5 and 11, that SFPD felt they had no choice but to enter the apartment once they heard gunshots after a three-hour standoff, and that police shot Murray once they’d gone in. (Murray died shortly after being transported to the hospital.)

At a Tuesday town hall meeting in the neighborhood, police released new information regarding the September 24 incident which are detailed by Bay City News. Notably, they released an image of the handgun Murray allegedly used — though declined to say whether Murray was holding the handgun when he was shot — and released the officers’ bodycam video, but only 20 seconds worth of it.

“The video is over 60 minutes in its entirety,” SFPD chief William Scott told Bay City News. “But the majority of it depicts our tactical team’s entry tactics and it also depicts crimes victims, including juvenile victims, and per our policy we will not release those portions of the video.”

Police also noted the names of the special operations bureau officers who fired shots, 15-year SFPD officer Jason Robinson, and nine-year veteran officer Wilrolan Ravelo. “We responded to a domestic violence situation where after three hours of negotiating, the incident developed quickly into a life-or-death situation,” commander Greg McEachern said at the meeting.

One neighbor thought quickly and recorded audio of the incident, audio that indicates at least eight shots were fired in the standoff. The neighbor, who identified herself to Bay City News simply as “Cindy,” noted that one bullet entered the apartment of her 92-year-old mother who also lives in close vicinity.

“She’s quite shaken by it, nothing like this has ever happened like this in the neighborhood,” Cindy said to BCN. “She didn’t look out the window and I’m glad she didn’t.”

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