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After years of roaming Dolores Park most every sunny day with his signature, umbrella-protected copper pots — designed to keep his flavored pot truffles from melting — the Truffle Man, a.k.a. Trevor, a.k.a. Chester Copperpots, is launching his very own edibles line and going legit. Yes, now that recreational pot is about to become a fully legal enterprise, Trevor — who still doesn't want to reveal his full name in the press just yet — is leasing production space in Oakland's "green zone" to increase the capacity of his business, as Eater reports. Already, as of a few months back, Truffle Man chocolates had hit the shelves of local dispensaries like SPARC, in newly created copper/gold boxes, each with a potency of about 10 mg THC — making them among the lowest-dose edibles you can buy, despite these truffles being notoriously strong in years' past.

“I’ve changed my dosages around a lot over the years,” Trevor explains to Eater. “I hated the idea of someone eating them, and telling me they didn’t work. And then, I found that people don’t need them that strong." (I'll save the story for later of my friend who ate two of them and was subsequently unable to walk.)

Trevor further explains that it took him a while to get used to his local fame, and the Yelp page (4.5 stars) that appeared about him a few years ago — not to mention the T-shirt. Being an underground edibles seller among a number of underground entrepreneurs in the park, it concerned him, but in the end, it was all part of building his brand and reputation. Now, as Eater explains, as he enters the recreational edibles business, he's got a foothold in the local market, a reputation for quality, and brand recognition that most people in the industry don't yet have.

Also, he's done it so far without outside investment.

As Green State notes, the Truffle Man shares his Dolores Park beginnings with another local edibles business that has since grown and legitimized, Auntie Dolores.

For a business that started out out of a need to offload some substandard bud, and which earned accidental notoriety via some copper pots and a soft-spoken dude in clogs and a straw hat, our very own Truffle Man could be on his way to weed world stardom.


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Copper pots at the end of every rainbow 🌈 Happy Pride !! 🌈

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