If you were looking to score some high-end weed chocolates at Westfield mall, I'm sorry to say that you're going to have to search elsewhere; Défoncé's brick-and-mortar store just got nixed.

On Thursday, the owner of the shopping mall contacted the Planning Department to tell them that "negotiations with Défoncé have stopped and there is no lease on the proposed space," according to Planning spokesperson Gina Simi. This news comes by way of the Chronicle, which also said that a future planning meeting for October 26th regarding the cannabis chocolate shop was also cancelled.

Originally Défoncé made headlines as it would have been the first store to sell recreational cannabis in a "major class-A mall," as the Chron originally put it when they first announced the proposal just a few days ago. Their application to Westfield read, "With our partnership with Westfield Shopping Centre, our exclusive focus will be providing low-dose, high-quality cannabis products designed for the responsible and safe consumption by adults." Apparently that justification wasn't enough for Westfield.

Following the announcement that they would not be entering into a deal with Défoncé, they clarified their stance regarding the sale of recreational cannabis on its properties: "Unless federal law permits the sale of cannabis products, Westfield will not lease to this type of tenant at any center it operates."

Things might be getting a bit tight for recreational marijuana dispensaries in general, too. Earlier last week, it was announced that there would be a moratorium on new dispensary licenses in San Francisco, thanks to ongoing debate over newly-introduced legislation. As lawmakers scramble to implement laws that would protect equity in the sale of recreational cannabis, it was clear that they didn't want to come into a burgeoning industry with half-baked ideas. The Examiner said that critics of the moratorium argued that any delay would cost San Francisco its place as a leader in the greater discussion about legalization, but the Office of Cannabis disagreed.

It's unclear whether that moratorium would have affected Défoncé's opening, but that's moot now. Défoncé CEO Eric Eslao is already looking towards other opportunities, and told the Chron that they're searching for other locations in San Francisco: "While we’re disappointed not to be moving forward with our proposed Westfield location, we are actively exploring alternative locations in San Francisco and look forward to continuing discussions with the city."

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