A fun run that originated in Seattle is debuting in SF in November, and it's basically Bay to Breakers for the less ambitious, minus the people who actually run, with the addition of doughnut stations in place of water stations.

SFGate has the news of the Lard Butt 1K, which started out as a joke among friends who were commiserating about how they didn't do much exercise after college, and this led to a Lard Butt apparel line, and a 1K (0.62 mile) "race" event that's now happened twice in Seattle.

Costumes are encouraged. There is a beer garden at the end. Actual runners are shouted at with calls of "Slow down!" A wave of runners/walkers weighing 250 pounds or more is called the "Legends Wave." And along the way: doughnuts.

"This is a race for the rest of us," says Lard Butt co-founder Mark Peterson to the Gate, apparently unaware of our Bay to Breakers tradition. "There are so many races, historically, that have been focused on running, competing and winning. This is a unique event in that there is absolutely nothing at stake, we don't time it: there's no first place or last place."

In the race FAQ's they're asked if this is supposed to be an event mocking big people, and they say, "No, we're poking fun at ourselves and our fellow below-average athletes everywhere. Lard Butts exist in all shapes and sizes and we welcome all comers. In fact, if we see anyone at the event who's being mean-spirited, we'll have them removed from the premises — and only after we sit on them first!"

Also, the race doubles as a canned food drive, which will collect food donations for the SF-Marin Food Bank.

The first SF Lard Butt 1K is happening November 4 at Lake Merced Park, and advance registration is $30, with a $40 registration fee day of. The beer (and mimosa) garden opens at 8:30 a.m., and the "race" kicks off at 9:30 a.m.

Below, video of the Seattle race.