Brace yourselves, everybody. San Francisco is supposed to hit an Indian Summer high of 88 degrees Wednesday — but as we learned during our Labor Day Weekend heatwave, that forecast could be wildly underestimated.

Bay City News has the report via the National Weather Service, and such a forecast is not unusual for this typically hot time of year. The question is whether there are any variables in place like there were on September 1, when meteorologists admit that some subtle wind shifts resulted in SF hitting 106 degrees, about 20 degrees higher than predicted, while inland areas that were predicted to get the brunt of the heatwave were actually not quite that hot.

For now, though, the NWS is saying inland spots around the Bay might hit the lower 90s, so 88 could well turn out to be Wednesday's peak, with another warm day predicted for Thursday as well.

And for what it's worth, Weather Underground is putting Wednesday's high at 80 for central SF, which is lower than the 82 degrees it currently showing for this afternoon in Hunters Point.

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