A window display display was swiped from a Pleasanton clothing store in a bizarre robbery in which the thief left behind $200 and a note signed with the name of a character from the 1987 film Mannequin.

KRON 4 has the strange tale, reporting that the crime went down at Pleasanton's "KJCOUTURE," a store whose website says "It is our mission to help all women feel comfortable in their own skin," and which apparently is "the #1" location at which to buy "waist trainers," garments intended to smash women's bodies into a teeny-tiny waist shape. You know, because it's "comfortable."

ANYWAY. The waist-trainers had a scare this week, when the main mannequin in their front window display was stolen while the store was closed.

Owner Kim Gapol notes that nothing else was taken — not the computer behind the desk, nor the cash in their drawer. Where the mannequin stood was left two Benjamins and a note that read “Sorry for stealing your statue she needed a better home. You should consider better security. Love Hollywood.”

"Hollywood," one might reasonably suspect, is a reference to the window display designer played by the late Meshach Taylor in the film Mannequin.

Gapol muses to KRON that perhaps the thief thought the mannequin in her store looked like the one from the movie, which when "alive" was played by Kim Cattrall. When not alive, she looked like this:

According to KRON, Gapol is offering a $200 reward for the mannequin's safe return, which is nice symmetry given that that's what was left behind. She also says that the theft has been reported to police, who are "treating it as a crime." My tip to detectives: Keep your eye on the carpool lane.

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