OH MY GOD. This story out of Redwood City has just taken a turn for the very bizarre as we learn that 25-year-old Sarah Lockner, who was caught by a coworker allegedly trying to flush/drown her newborn infant in a McDonald's toilet on Labor Day after either concealing a pregnancy or not knowing she was pregnant, has had a secret/unbeknownst pregnancy once before, and gave birth in a bathroom once before to a son that she has with a boyfriend. ABC 7 brings us this insane detail via a woman identifying herself as Lockner's aunt, who said that Lockner gave birth several years ago in a bathroom at the aunt's home after a pregnancy that no one in the family knew about, and they immediately had to call 911.

San Mateo County DA Steve Wagstaffe further tells ABC 7, contrary to what he had said as this story broke on Thursday, that it appears that the recent alleged attempted murder of Lockner's newborn son may have been premeditated, and there is evidence to suggest Lockner in fact knew she was pregnant.

Lockner lives in Redwood City with a boyfriend, and a woman identifying herself as the boyfriend's cousin confirmed to ABC 7 that the earlier pregnancy had been unknown to everyone until the child was born, and he is now two and a half or three years old.

The aunt tells the station that Lockner is, and I quote, "fun loving, young minded and at times naive."

Lockner's currently being held on $11 million bail, and will be arraigned next week.

We also have an update on the condition of the infant: He is out of the medically induced coma he was placed in after being rescued and revived by paramedics on September 4, however it remains unknown whether he suffered neurological damage.

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