A worker at a Redwood City McDonald's who claims she didn't know she was pregnant was allegedly seen by a coworker trying to flush her newborn infant down the toilet, and she's now being charged with attempted murder. As the Associated Press reports, the San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says 25-year-old Sarah Lockner arrived at work for the night shift on September 4, Labor Day, complaining of stomach pains. She then went to the restroom where a coworker witnessed a large amount of blood on the floor in one of the stalls, and Lockner allegedly told the coworker she was just having a heavy period.

The coworker then decided to peer over the wall of the stall, as CBS 5 reports, and says she witnessed Lockner flushing the toilet and trying to push the infant face-down, with a hand on the baby's back.

Lockner then allegedly told the witness not to call police, but the coworker called 911, and as the Chronicle reports, police arrived to find the baby boy in Lockner's arms but with no pulse and not breathing. Paramedics revived the infant and rushed him to a hospital, where he was put into a medically induced coma. It remains to be seen whether he suffered brain damage, or what his prognosis may be.

“It’s a real sad story,” Wagstaffe said to the Chronicle. "She said she didn’t know she was pregnant."

Lockner is being held on $11 million bail, and she'll be arraigned in court on September 18. In addition to the attempted murder charge, she's been charged with one count of assault on a child becoming comatose or paralyzed and an enhancement because the victim is under 5 years old.