A chicken slaughterhouse that sells fresh chickens directly to consumers, and that already has an outpost in East Oakland, wants to move into a warehouse space in the Bayview marking what might be the only livestock processing facility in the city of San Francisco. As Socketsite reports, Saba Live Poultry has applied for approval to do some chicken slaughtering, and sales, at 1526 Wallace Avenue in the Bayview.

Saba, a national chain, sells Halal-certified, freshly killed chickens and other livestock, and the East Oakland location has some good reviews on Yelp. Pictures also show live rabbits, goats, and lambs at the facility.

A chicken processing facility would, Socketsite says, fall under PDR (Production Distribution and Repair), which is how the building is zoned.

But will everyone nearby be OK with this chicken-filled situation?

As Grist noted back in 2015, there used to be a lot of slaughterhouses and meat processing plants in the Bayview, which once upon a time was nicknamed Butchertown — and Islais Creek, which often ran red with cow blood, got nicknamed Shit Creek. But these days the only slaughterhouse left in the Bay Area is Marin Sun Farms's facility in Petaluma.

A couple place's like Ming's Poultry in Chinatown still sell live chickens, but buyers have to do the slaughtering themselves. A dustup over a live poultry seller at the Civic Center farmers' market arose a few years ago, which pitted animal rights activists against the local Chinese community.