44 years ago this month, photographer Jeff Cohen decided to invite random passersby into his Union Street studio in San Francisco, and he took their portraits, promising to mail them each a copy. He recently hung the collection of 22 pictures in his Chicago studio, each depicting an individual or group and showing an eclectic array of San Franciscans and tourists who happened to be on Union Street that day, August 25, 1973. These included a family with a stroller, a 16-year-old girl in a hippie peasant dress (both seen below), multiple couples and and people of all ages. It's a fun cross-section of life and a microcosm of that moment in time, and now Cohen is hoping to be able to find anyone in the portraits who's still alive, and to hear their stories.

As he said in a Facebook post shown below, the 16-year-old girl is Nancy Kearney, and he recently was able to talk to her on the phone from her home in the Sierra foothills. Now 60, she lives "on an acre of land surrounded by trees with cats and dogs and even a few chickens. She's raised two daughters, works from home as a rep for a health products company and considers herself to be a bit of an '"earth mother.'"

As Cohen told the Chicago Tribune recently, the couple with the baby in the stroller split up not long after the photo was taken, and the child, now 46 and living near Columbus, Ohio, told him this was likely the last photo that was ever taken of the three of them as a family.

Otherwise Cohen says he's had limited success tracking down his portrait subjects, though he would love to find more of them and even, maybe, get to take present-day portraits of them to hang side-by-side.

See more of the portraits here on his Facebook (scroll down), and a selection of them appear below.