One of the highlights of my weekend, after venturing out Saturday fearful that violent skirmishes might erupt in San Francisco as they have several times this year in Berkeley over planned right-wing rallies, was passing by this lemonade and cookie stand set up by one Duboce Triangle mom and her kids. "Hey mister," said the tie-dye t-shirt-wearing boy in the photo above. "Wanna buy a cookie to fight fascism?"

I, of course, gladly paid a dollar for a cookie. There were also cupcakes and lemonade for sale, and one sign that said "Don't Hate, Hydrate!"

Also, the boy's little sister was manning a small cash register that you can see, and the mom had made a sign announcing that all proceeds from this bake sale would be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This, along with the upbeat rallies in the Castro, Alamo Square, and Civic Center, the mobile dance party in Dolores Park that became a march, and the human banner forming a heart on Ocean Beach, all combined to make a potentially scary weekend something to remember with pride and fondness. SF, you give good protest.

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