The owners of perennially popular Outer Sunset restaurant Outerlands, Lana Porcello and Dave Muller, are once again in expansion mode, and this time they're moving a bit out of the immediate neighborhood. As Hoodline reports, they're taking over the vacant, fire-damaged former Great Highway Market at 3633 Taraval Street in Parkside, and they're working on a still forming concept that "will highlight and expand our bread program," as Porcello tells the site.

Muller has been baking bread at the restaurant and overseeing its cocktail program from the beginning, enhancing what has always been a comforting experience at the hands of several chefs over the restaurant's eight-year history. He trained with Tartine's master baker Chad Robertson, and he's experimented with various bread types both for dinner and Outerlands' always crowded brunch.

The couple opened Outerlands in the winter of 2009, garnering almost immediate attention from the New York Times for the unique coziness and location of the restaurant, featuring some ambitious food from former chef Brett Cooper (now at his own place, Aster, in the Mission).

Following several years of success, the restaurant expanded into the next-door space, nearly doubling in size when it reopened in 2014.

Executive chef Yoni Levy, formerly the opening chef at Alta CA, has been at the helm in the kitchen for the past two years, and Michael Bauer raved earlier this year about how the restaurant continues to "define" its neighborhood.

All Porcello can say about the new project, which they hope to hope sometime next spring or summer, is that will be "in keeping with the style and ethos of Outerlands: cozy, sustainably sourced, rooted to the Outer Sunset and everything we love about being here."

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