Alice Waters, the Bay Area "food philosopher," powerful person, and founder of Chez Panisse might not seem to have much in common with ordinary schlubs like you and me. While she can pen an open letter to Jeff Bezos regarding Amazon's Whole Foods acquisition and assume that he'll at least read it, the rest of us, uh, don't.

Reading that lofty note to Amazon's CEO, in which she urged him to "change our food system," one might assume that the last place we might find common ground with Waters is inside our refrigerators! However, if this photo tweeted by Kim Severson, a food correspondent for notorious fake news purveyor the New York Times is to be believed, her fridge is the same mess of booze, condiments, and crap that didn't make it into tupperware as any mere mortal's might be.

I have that same milk in my fridge right now! And the same kraut (which for me was a much-pondered purchase as it runs buyers a freakin' Hamilton at my local co-op). Apparently, I'm not the only one heartened by Waters's normalcy:

It's unclear why Severson was rooting around in Waters's fridge, but I agree with this respondent:

Please tell us you got shots of that, too, Kim! The people deserve to know!

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