This is the third story about Uber I'm writing today, and given the company's well publicized issues it's about time we have something cheery. On Friday, August 11, Uber will be delivering free soft-serve ice cream cones in some sort of ice cream truck to anyone who requests one in 10 cities across the country: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, Toronto, Seattle, Atlanta, and Dallas. Think of it as their way of saying "sorry" for clogging up your news feed for the past six months, and for all that sexual harassment stuff, and... well you get it.

As the company explains about this Free Ice Cream Fridays promotion, the fun doesn't end with just one Friday. They're partnering with McDonald's to keep refilling the reusable silicone cones they'll be giving out tomorrow every Friday for the rest of the summer, i.e. until September 22. And to keep you honest, there's a punch-card you'll be using to claim your free refills at participating McDonald's. Vanilla only, though.

You may have to update your app, or maybe not, but the "ice cream" option should appear in your Uber app Friday morning, and after you hit "request" the ice cream truck should make its way to your location at some point.

The promotion, which the company has done before, arrives at a weird moment when the company is without a CEO, trying to claw its way out of a series of scandals, former CEO Travis Kalanick is reportedly trying to elbow his way back into the job, and now a key investor and board member is suing him.

But, hey! Free ice cream!