This is the worst of the worst.

73-year-old Ralph Flynn and his wife, Carolyn Flynn pleaded guilty in Santa Clara County Superior Court to a bevy of horrific sex crimes against their adopted son.

According to the Chronicle, the Flynns adopted a 9-year-old orphan from Russia and turned him into a sex slave for the entirety of his lost childhood. The couple was arrested in November of 2015 and the orphan, named Denis and now a 25-year-old massage therapist, is pursuing a lawsuit against his former adoptive parents.

Dennis is the second adoptive son that Ralph has abused. Another boy, now a grown adult, alleges that Ralph and his previous wife abused him beginning in 1972. Ralph has admitted to as much. He has two grown biological sons of his own (one with each wife) and doesn't appear to have molested them.

The Chron reported last year:

Both boys, who were between 7 and 9 years old, said they were called into the master bedroom, where Ralph Flynn initiated sexual contact, and that the abuse continued consistently for 10 years and included masturbation and oral sex.
Ralph Flynn would bribe the boys with money, activities or desired items to coerce their participation, according to their accounts. When the boys were older, their adoptive mothers started to molest them as well, they said.

Throughout this, Ralph owned a popular coffee shop in Cupertino.

"I lost my virginity to my mom," Denis told investigators. Investigators believe both of Ralph's wives began molesting their respective adoptive sons when the boys were in their teens.

When Denis told his adoptive parents that the police knew what had happened, they told him to lie about it — while they were unknowingly being recorded by authorities. (GOOD FOR YOU DENIS!)

Once detained, Ralph was asked if he showed love to his adoptive sons. "Yes, yes, in a loving way," he said, admitted that "loving way" meant masturbation and oral sex.

Ralph and Carolyn Flynn copped their plea just as jury selection for their trial was beginning. It saved them — and Denis — the burden of testifying. Ralph has been in jail this whole time while Carolyn was out on bail. Now they're both going to prison.

Ralph pleaded no contest to three felony counts of lewd acts on a child and faces 24-years in prison. Carolyn pleaded no contest to two counts of rape and faces a 12-year sentence. Both will have to serve 85% of their sentences and register as sex offenders forever.

"I was preparing to go to war and go into this battle and now I don't have to. I am feeling relief and peace after all these years and excited for the future and building my life up," said Denis.

If you want to read his complete story, as told to the Chronicle last year, it's here.

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