San Francisco is now exclusively just colorful pop-up interactive art exhibits.

Fresh of the coattails of the current (and newly extended through September) Color Factory, Eater brings us word that the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up that's wowed crowds in New York and Los Angeles will be gracing the streets of San Francisco.

Job listings posted on Indeed hinted at the SF incantation of the popular pop-up attraction and Eater seems to have scored press release confirmation, noting that San Francisco's version of the Museum of Ice Cream will feature “entirely new... immersive installations, smells and flavors never seen before.”

Beginning next month, the Museum of Ice Cream will take over the historic 1 Grant Avenue (or as SFGate reminds us, the old Emporio Armani.) Creative Director Maryellen Bunn will adapt the pop-up to take advantage of all the new space has to offer, including “showcasing the 45 foot high vaulted ceilings above the famous Sprinkle Pool.”

Sprinkle Pool? Oh yes. Salma Hayek and some Kardashians have bathed in it.

"(Museum) founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn was drawn to the challenge of creating the next Museum of Ice Cream in a building with stunning architectural highlights. The juxtaposition of the historical foundation with Museum of Ice Cream's modern design and signature playfulness, is sure to unlock the imagination like never before," gushed a spokesperson to SFGate.

Tickets are expected to go on sale mid-August. And act fast, ice cream fans. Color Factory officially opened on August 1 as as of today (August 2) it was sold out, prompting a month-long extension as per UpOut.

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