An electric train for kids that had just made an appearance Saturday at the Alameda County Fair was stolen out from under an amusement company's nose overnight between Saturday and Sunday. The company, Fun and Game Experts in Pleasant Hill, had the train packed inside a black trailer, and the thieves pulled up and hitched the trailer to a vehicle and made off with it, train and all.

As CBS 5 reports, the train was worth $60,000 and the company regularly brings it to events. They have a number of them on the books for August, in fact.

Police responded to the scene at 8 a.m. Sunday to the 3000 block of Vincent Road in Pleasant Hill, though it's unclear when the crime took place.

There aren't any leads so far or any suspect vehicle descriptions, but Fun and Game Experts tell the station that the thieves left some marks on the ground where they dragged the trailer to hitch it up.