Photographer Burton Rast has recently done a series of 100 photographs, shot over 100 days, that shows off San Francisco structures and landmarks almost as abstract shapes, in stark black and white.

Rast tells SFist, "All but one of the photos in the series of 100 were captured using an iPhone 6S, and all edits were performed using some black and white alchemy in Adobe’s Lightroom Mobile app."

The series includes dramatic shots of the Palace of Fine Arts and Salesforce Tower, as well as many Victorians.

"I plan to continue the project indefinitely, capturing both San Francisco and other cities I will soon visit," Rast says. "I have also begun experimenting with a similar editing technique that highlights the unique color palettes that adorn the structures of our beloved city."

As he explained to the website Petapixel, "When I first relocated from Chicago to the Bay Area, I was immediately struck by the distinctive forms and shapes that make San Francisco such a striking city. As I explored my new surroundings, camera in hand, I began to wonder whether it might be possible to capture the city’s most popular and photographed sights in a unique way."

The last two images in the slideshow show where Rast is headed, using color.

See more about him here, and follow him on Instagram.

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