Every neighborhood has a couple of corners where irresponsible people discard their belongings under the assumption that someone else will take care of it for them. "Hey, someone will eventually clean this up" I imagine them thinking as they lug their improperly assembled MALM up the street. "Or maybe someone needs this stuff! Hey, I'm actually performing a community service!" they perhaps think as they gently place a bag of single socks and cracked votive candle holders on the curb a decent distance from their residence.

That is, perhaps, why I find this whiteboard to-do list so fascinating. Dumped a few blocks from my apartment in front of a building with an actual "No Dumping" sign posted on it, it paints a portrait of organized ambition. After all, first on the list is "Taxes"! Which, I now remember, were due over three months ago.

Missing from the list are items like "call Recology to arrange a free bulky trash pickup" or even "call 311 to remove trash." But if Turtie found a happy home, I guess I can't complain, at least not that much.