Last week, the San Francisco Planning Commission voted to allow Planned Parenthood to expand into a "flagship" location on Bush Street at Van Ness Avenue. This week, a bunch of chalk-wielding activists went to town on the sidewalks in front of some planning commissioners' homes.

The San Francisco Examiner reports that several commissioners' discovered generally nasty graffiti scrawled on the sidewalks and streets in front of their homes. In an act that was captured by security cameras, several people — many of whom appears to be below the voting age — emerge from mysterious white vans and, flash-mob style, write stuff like, "Your neighbor is a murderer," "Your car is gay," and "Stop the killing." The vans were even moved to block both ends of the block, presumably so the Pro-Life Chalk Bandits (PLCB) could create their messages without getting run over. Because they are pro-life.

Commissioner Dennis Richards and one other commissioner who wants to remains anonymous out of FEAR were targeted by the PLCB. "I can get people who have an opinion, but to start being hateful, that's where I draw the line," the openly gay Richards said to the Examiner.

Richards and his neighbors described the PLCB as about 40 young kids and three adults. Terrisa Bukovinac and her new group, Pro-Life Future of San Francisco (PLFOSF) told the Ex that PLFOSF was not behind the chalk attack, but she doesn't see anything wrong with it. "That's obviously not our group, we don't have children in our group," Bukovinac said, but also what's the big deal "as long as they were following the law, and adhering to their first amendment rights."

Well, wandering around the middle of the street isn't adhering to the law. You know what is adhering to the law? Having a safe abortion.

Richards, by the way, was on vacation last week and thus did not vote either way on the Planned Parenthood location. Nonetheless, "Dennis Richards is a murderer" was written in chalk outside his home.

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