Poop is a weapon. At least it was for a man who threw it at police officers in Richmond.

According to KRON 4, Richmond police received a report that contained the location of a wanted suspect. When the police attempted to detain the man, he gave the police a fake name. Coincidentally, that name was attached to an outstanding warrant as well.

Richmond police explained in a press release:

"Well, there was an arrest warrant for the person with the name he provided. When the suspect realized he was about to be arrested for that warrant, he provided officers with his real identity. Well, there was an arrest warrant for him too."

Well, well, well.

The suspect was cuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car for transport to the police station where it was determined that the suspect was already on parole. As a result, the suspect had to be transported to the Contra Costa County jail in Martinez.

At this point, the suspect undressed in the back of a squad car and threw his clothes out of the car window along I-80. He then defecated, proceeded to get the feces in his mouth, and spit it at the officers in the front seat of the vehicle.


Presumably covered in poop, the officers pulled over, called for back-up, and constrained the suspect in a "compliance safety device."

Said the police:

"CHP officers assisted by shutting down the freeway to ensure safety to the officers and the suspect. Once the suspect was safely re-secured, he was taken to county jail. We are proud of the officers' professionalism, composure and patience in this incident. We appreciate the partnership we have with the CHP and their continued efforts to help keep everyone safe on the freeways."

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