Shoreline Amphitheatre had to call off a concert Friday featuring 90s throwbacks (and Bay Area native band) Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty all because some part of a road or ramp collapsed making it allegedly impossible for the bands to get their equipment onto the stage. In a post to Facebook, Matchbox Twenty referred to it as "unforeseen issues with the loading dock" which forced them to reschedule the Shoreline appearance until Tuesday, July 25. Due to a previous commitment, Counting Crows won't be joining them on Tuesday, and for fans who can't handle that or can't make it out on a Tuesday, refunds are being offered.

ABC 7 described the problem as "a collapse in the road that gives bands access to transfer their equipment to the stage," and "the hole got bigger overnight, and it was decided metal trench covers were not viable to cover the hole."

It's unclear if this is a winter-rain-related sinkhole, or what.

NBC Bay Area hears from promoter Live Nation that the hole was 15 feet wide and five feet deep, and that a temporary bridge wasn't possible. The road will be fixed, they say, by Tuesday.

ABC 7 found a couple that was coming to celebrate their anniversary at the show Friday because they're big Matchbox Twenty fans, and NBC Bay Area found a family that had driven in from Modesto and who did not plan to drive back on Tuesday.

For all those disappointed Counting Crows fans who can't get down to the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles tonight — where both bands are performing — or to Reno on Wednesday, you are left just to watch this video over and over and remember '93.