A large group of male teens followed a man from one Muni bus to the next, eventually surrounding their victim and robbing him.

The confrontation came to a head at around 6:50 p.m. Monday, on a Muni bus at Market and McAllister Streets, police say.

According to the San Francisco Police Department, the 27-year-old male victim boarded a Muni bus, then got into a confrontation with a group of ten or so males who looked to be around 18 years of age.

Things got the the point where the victim got off that bus and boarded another bus, police say, but the gang followed the man, also hopping on the second Muni vehicle.

Once on bus, the SFPD says that the "suspects surrounded and attacked" the victim, stealing his cellphone.

The group of teens then hopped off the bus near McAllister and Market and fled. As of publication time, all remain at large, and police say no arrests have been made in the case.