A shark attack near the Santa Cruz shore has prompted beach closures and presumably an uptick in folks watching Jaws on Netflix.

SFGate reports that a shark tried to take a bite out of a kayak yesterday at around 11 a.m. near West Cliff Drive and Pelton Avenue. Water activity off beaches within a mile of the attack, including Main Beach, Cowell Beach and other ocean access areas, have been banned until Saturday.

Santa Cruz Deputy City Manager Scott Collins said that the kayaker was not injured but that his kayak sustained "serious damage." I'm sure we all remember when a shark attacked a kayaker in Monterey Bay last March and the whole thing was caught on video.

The Tribune News Service has all of the gory details of yesterday's attack, including that rescue crews arrived within 90 seconds of the call for help and that the kayaker was an experienced one, carrying his own VHF radio. (Let's buy one on Amazon right now.)

According to KRON 4, the kayaker is Steve Lawson and the shark was a great white.

"Attacks like these are extremely rare in Santa Cruz County and we are so thankful that the kayaker wasn't injured. This is a reminder that swimming in the ocean does carry some risk and we encourage all swimmers, surfers and kayakers to be mindful of their surroundings and follow directions of lifeguards and marine safety staff," Santa Cruz Fire Chief Jim Frawley told the Tribune News Service.

Those who do decide to hop in the waters nearby the attack could be cited for breaking the imposed ban if they do so before the ban is lifted this weekend. "We don't want to do that," said Frawley. "Marine safety staff and lifeguards will monitor the area in the meantime."

Lawson told KRON 4 that he planned to head back out on the water this morning, presumably somewhere far, far away from the place a shark tried to eat him alive.

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