Ever-popular beer garden Zeitgeist has recently applied for a liquor license for the space next door to it, a former sheet metal shop that backs up to the beer garden's back wall. As Capp Street Crap learns, the bar's owners purchased the property at 80 Duboce Avenue in 2016, and now they just need some approvals to expand into the space, which is about the size of the current beer garden — essentially doubling the bar's footprint.

Bar manager Angela Scott tells Capp Street Crap that they haven't even finalized what they plan to do with the space, but given their sensitivity to how much sunlight reaches the beer garden, one could surmise that that two-story wall might be coming down to let some more light in. (You'll recall that Zeitgeist objected to a planned neighboring development on Valencia Street, and successfully lobbied to get the Planning Commission to knock five feet off the building's height, in order to cast less of a shadow on the beer garden. At the time, Zeitgeist general manager Gideon Bush told SFist that he was "very happy" with the decision.)

Zeitgeist has been the family business of Laura Burmeister and her clan since 1977, and it was granted Legacy Business status in 2016.

Stay tuned as plans are revealed for the new and enlarged Zeitgeist.

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