The trial has come to a close in a shocking case involving a dispute over jewelry at the SoMa wholesale mart known as the Gift Center. Despite defense attorneys efforts to argue that 27-year-old Barry White Jr. suffered from an undiagnosed mental disorder and only deserved manslaughter, White was convicted Thursday on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder in the slayings of 51-year-old Lina Lim and 35-year-old Khin Min, and the near slaying of store owner Vic Hung, which took place on July 12, 2013, almost exactly four years ago.

As the Chronicle reports, the killings all stemmed from an argument the two dead women had nothing to do with. White had arrived at the store on Brannan Street to confront Hung about being short-changed when he purchased a gold chain a week earlier. Hung had apparently said the chain weighed 100 grams, but White checked it and said it only weighed 80 grams, and he wanted a partial refund of the $5,500 he had paid for it. Hung refused, White vowed revenge, and surveillance footage then showed White return to the store after the last customer of the day had left that Friday in July, shooting Hung three times, fatally shooting Lim, and then slitting Min's throat after she rushed at him and he ran out of bullets, nearly decapitating her.

As we reported in April, preliminary hearings began three months back, but the actual trial didn't begin until June 1, as the Chronicle reported.

White proceeded the day of the killing to fire shots at arriving officers, to take cover in a next-door taqueria, and ultimately surrender when he ran out of bullets. As the Chron notes, he was out on bail and awaiting trial in a different case in Antioch at the time of the shooting.

Deputy Public Defender Kwixuan Maloof tried unsuccessfully to argue that a bullet wound to the head that White received in that Antioch case — in which Antioch police shot at him when he rammed into a patrol car with his car, after they confronted him about bringing guns to a party — was to blame for an undiagnosed mental condition.

As CBS 5 reported last month, White filed a federal civil rights suit against the Antioch police back in 2011.

The jury's verdict was announced Thursday afternoon, and White now awaits sentencing.

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