The Oakland Police Department is nothing if not newsworthy, and this week we learn via the East Bay Express of a new story involving a sexual misconduct probe that led internal investigators to find a trove of drugs stashed in a locker at police headquarters.

The case involves a young officer on the crime-reduction team who has not been identified, but sources in the department tell the EBX that an "alarming quantity" of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, with a total street value of about $100,000, was found in the locker as a result of an investigation into claims that the officer had been using a room in the basement of the downtown Police Administration Building to have sex with a civilian.

Apparently the drugs had been checked out of the crime lab in 2005 as part of a training exercise, and it's unclear how they went missing. Also, the discovery of the drug stash was apparently accidental and unrelated to the sexual misconduct investigation.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf issued a statement to KRON 4 about the separate cases, indicating that the sexual misconduct investigation began a month prior to the drug discovery, and saying the drugs were found "during a cleaning of an office area in the workplace." Also, Schaaf says, "It was determined that the narcotics were in their original sealed packaging and all contents were accounted for."

Meanwhile the Oakland Police Department just settled a civil lawsuit for nearly a million dollars with a young woman who was sexually exploited by multiple officers in the department — as well as other law enforcement agencies around the Bay — and several officers still are facing criminal charges related to that case. In at least a couple of instances, officers allegedly had sex with the woman when she was underage.