An alleged thief on a bicycle was struck by a passing Mercedes Friday morning, and ended up writhing in pain at the intersection of Fifth and Mission apologizing for his crime.

As the Chronicle reports, the incident happened around 9 a.m. Friday when the man on a bicycle stole a cellphone and tried to flee down Fifth Street, while being chased by his mugging victim. He ran a red light and was then struck by a Mercedes-Benz coming through the intersection at Mission Street, "with such force he was knocked out of his sneakers and into the air."

A witness tells the paper that he saw a woman pull over in a Tesla to come to the cyclist's aid, and he was "screaming on the ground."

According to that witness, the alleged thief was screaming "I’m so sorry for what I did," and a passing security guard said to him, "Apologize to your God. God works in mysterious ways."

If this was an act of God, I'd say it's not too mysterious, but anyway. The injured man was taken to the hospital, and it;s unclear if the robbery victim got his or her cellphone back intact. The SFPD says they're still trying to "sort through" the details of the case.