KRON 4's Stanley Roberts' gig isn't for everyone — it takes a very specific type of temperament to withstand the confrontation he invites daily as he seeks to highlight bad Bay Area behavior. But his new feature, which he calls "dash cam follies," seems like a dream job!

"I simply drive around and see what my dash cam captures," Roberts says, and anyone who's not under house arrest knows what's coming: Drivers, many of them (but not all!) with Uber and Lyft, doing all sorts of stupid crap on SF streets.

My favorite? The Prius-driving (ugh, of course) Uber staffer, when questioned by Roberts about why he double parked instead of using an adjacent parking space, says "I'm just in a hurry." As Roberts responds, "so everybody else is not in a hurry?" But for some SF drivers, I guess it's every man for himself, fellow humans be damned.

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