After a very wet and windswept Treasure Island Music Festival in 2016, but not because of that, the festival will be taking a hiatus this year, as officially announced on Wednesday. We learned last fall that festival producers Another Planet Entertainment and Noise Pop were going to have to move the intimate, music fest-in-miniature off the island where it began in 2007 as development plans there mean music fests don't work anymore. But while there were hints of it returning this year in some new form in SF or Oakland, it looks like fans will have to wait on that. "There will be no Treasure Island Music Festival taking place in 2017," organizers said in a release, "however, fans can expect much of the energy, format and attractions to remain the same when TIMF returns in 2018."

In other important news: They plan to keep the name, no matter where the fest ends up. "There are no plans to change the festival’s name, if for no other reason than to pay homage to the historic little island that was home to the event for a decade, from unforgettable sets on the two main stages to surprise collaborations and pop-up performances, all of which were set against one of the most amazing festival backdrops in the world," they write.

It seems highly likely that when we attend the Treasure Island Music Festival the next time around, it will be in Oakland, if I had to guess. Another Planet's Bryan Duquette told SFist last year that "because the demographic of the Bay Area has changed considerably" they were "strongly considering" shifting over to Oakland. But, he said, "San Francisco is not out of the question."

Oakland would probably be more in keeping with the festival's smaller scale, emphasis on electronic music and hip-hop, and more youth-oriented acts — though some might argue that a few of the headliners of the last three fests could count as "heritage" acts at this point, like Massive Attack, Ice Cube, and Sigur Ros.

Also not out of the question could be moving the festival up to the more reliably sunnier month of September, which is when the first TIMF happened in 2007 before moving to mid-October.

For future updates, Another Planet and Noise Pop suggest following Treasure Island Music Fest on Facebook.

But for now, you will have the second week in October to rest up for Halloween, and put a little more work into that costume.

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