All eastbound lanes of the Bay Bridge were closed from 3:45 to about 9:20 this morning, after a reported police shooting on the span.

Multiple city and law enforcement agencies tweeted news of the closure at around 6:30 Sunday morning, all saying that the bridge is expected to reopen around 8 a.m. The investigation took longer than expected, however, and according to Alert SF the bridge didn't reopen until about 9:20 Sunday.

As a news story breaking early on a Sunday morning, details have emerged slowly. KTVU reports that officers with the California Highway Patrol say that "At 3:45 a.m. highway patrol officers were investigating a crash involving multiple lanes on the bridge when a vehicle drove toward an officer for unknown reasons."

"An officer opened fire, shooting the suspect multiple times," they report.

According to the Examiner, the collision occurred just west of the toll plaza.

At a press conference Sunday morning, CHP spokesperson Officer Vu Williams said that as officers investigated the two-car collision, they "spotted a red car driving on the right shoulder bypassing the traffic," KRON 4 reports.

“A red Cadillac came down the right shoulder of the bridge," Williams said. "Officers gave multiple commands to stop. After several commands to stop, multiple rounds were fired and the vehicle came to rest."

“They ordered him several times to stop, but he kept coming at them,” Williams told CBS 5. “An officer felt threatened and opened fire.”

The Cadillac's driver was transported to Oakland's Highland Hospital. As of 7:45 a.m., his condition was unknown.

KRON 4 reports that the closure, which is just east of the Yerba Buena Island tunnel, has backed up eastbound traffic "for at least a mile," leaving cars "parked on the bridge because there is nowhere to go." As of 7:45, CHP officers were reportedly "turning cars around, directing them to drive the wrong way in order to get off the bridge."