There's a bargain just hitting the market over in Ingleside! This minimally lit, carpeted gem is being marketed as a "huge" and "private" "in-law" "studio," though it appears just to be someone's recently occupied, semi-finished basement. The ad is here, and because of the proximity to SF State and City College, it's also being marketed to college students. They're opening to letting two people share "with an additional charge." Because, obviously, this is worth way more that $1650 if it can fit two people.

Judging by the decor and hanging hoodies in a couple of the photos, someone's college-age son just moved out, and they're looking to turn this into a money-making opportunity.


Somebody here really needs a lesson in holding a cellphone camera...

Photo: Craigslist

And here's a different angle... is that some sort of cat play pen in the foreground? I'm unfamiliar. SFist's Eve Batey took note of the mini-fridge, however, and says she owns this model and it works very well. I can not guarantee it comes with the apartment.

Photo: Craigslist

Someone is really proud of this stylish lightswitch cover, though.

Photo: Craigslist

Here's the place unfurnished. So spacious! So carpeted! I'm guessing there is not much of a view out those windows.

Photo: Craigslist

There is, however, a fairly pleasant looking backyard, but my guess is this photo was not taken from the basement level.

Photo: Craigslist

As far as amenities, there is one parking space. And there is a makeshift shower. This photo reveals a bit of the construction work on this finished basement. Totally looks up to code.

Photo: Craigslist

Are you sold yet? Was it the jaunty angle of those photos?

If you have a significant other or roommate who isn't very particular and has very little desire for creature comforts, this might be a great bet! They'd probably take $1800 for the two of you, which is in fact a steal for a studio, although most studios come with kitchens, and a little more dignity, so there's that.

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Photo: Craigslist