Hue, the nightclub on Broadway in North Beach that was formerly known as Atmosphere, continues to be a headache for neighbors and the SFPD, with the sidewalk outside the club being the scene of very frequent drunken brawls and generally idiotic behavior. Back in March neighbors complained about the ongoing violence, specifically after a brawl involving multiple women on St. Patrick's Day. Now they've taken their case to the Entertainment Commission, as CBS 5 reports, to call out what they say is an irresponsible nightlife venue that attracts this violence.

The SFPD is more than familiar with the club at 447 Broadway, saying it "has a history of fights and aggravated assaults and complaints about loud music." Police tell CBS 5 that they blame the club's bottle service aspect for "getting some people so drunk, they cause a scene when they leave the club."

Neighbors had previously referred to "weekly" sidewalk fights outside the club, with next-door neighbor Francesca Valdez of Broadway Studios able to provide her own surveillance footage to CBS 5, as shown above.

"It's really dangerous and ugly," Valdez tells the station. “A lot of the constant fights are between women which is strange actually. They are overly drunk. They yell at each other. They hit each other. They even fight and spit at the cops."

Of course Hue is not alone in offering bottle service, but perhaps they're falling short when it comes to security. Another neighboring business owner, Jerry Cimino of the Beat Museum, tells CBS 5, "You can certainly police your own location better than you’re doing. You may not be able to control people's behavior but you can certainly stop serving them when they're inebriated."

District Supervisor Aaron Peskin also weighed in saying, "This club has been a perennial source of trouble. [And ] the police know it."

Hue owner Bennett Montoya countered that some of the police reports associated with his club were exaggerated, or the incidents actually took place elsewhere, or across the street.

The result of Tuesday meeting of the Entertainment Commission, which could have gone much worse for Hue, was that they're being told they have to shut off music at midnight from now on. They will still be able to remain open until 2 a.m., but obviously the commissioners felt like this move will hopefully disperse the crowd elsewhere for last call.

The Entertainment Commission has a history of penalizing clubs where acts of violence, some of them fatal, have occurred. The Commission revoked Suede nightclub's permit back in 2010 following a shooting there, and in 2013 a suspension of 330 Ritch's permit led to that nightclub's closure as well, following a shooting that included a shot fired inside the club.

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