We've seen bike lane abuse galore in San Francisco, from people who double park in the lane to drop off passengers and pick up lattes, to drivers who merrily pilot their vehicles down the lane as though it's a special VIP stretch of pavement just for their cars. There's no greater chronicler of this type of behavior than KRON 4's Stanley Roberts, who's made shaming those abusing the lanes into a bit of a cottage industry. And today Roberts has reeled in a real whale of a bike lane abuser: A Muni bus driver, who sped down a protected lane like it was no big deal at all.

It all went down on Laguna Honda Boulevard, a street that's home to both barricade-protected and paint-marked bike lanes — both of which are extremely clearly marked, making drivers who choose to use them as expressways seem less like confused people who might have overlooked a sign or two and more like people who don't think the rules apply to them.

Like every street in San Francisco, Laguna Honda can get pretty jammed up during rush hour. That congestion, Roberts observes, inspires some motorists to instead drive down the bike lane, even through the bits that are ostensibly blocked by posts to keep drivers out.

But not just motorists, Roberts shows us: A city of San Francisco truck also rolls on down the lane, as does a 44-O'Shaughnessy Muni bus on its "regular route," Roberts says. Even worse, Roberts says, this appears to be "standard operating procedure" as he saw numerous buses do the same thing.

If it's SOP, it's not SOP that the SFMTA has OKed, a Muni spokesperson says. In fact, the bus driver in question has already been identified, "despite the fact that he appeared to put up his hand to conceal his identity," and will face some sort of nebulous Muni discipline. Which, if true, is certainly a more positive response than these SFPD officers who refused to do anything at all when a city vehicle was parked in a Market Street bike lane last year. Baby steps, I guess?

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