It's hard enough to force oneself back to work after a long weekend, but multiple BART issues turned today's typical holiday slog into a delayed mess that likely forced some commuters to question why they got out of bed at all.

It all began at around 6:45 a.m., when a Richmond-bound BART train apparently gave up on life at the East Bay mouth of the Transbay Tunnel, "blocking trains from going into or out of San Francisco" Bay City News reports.

The train gave up the ghost at "an interlocking area called the 'Y' just outside of the Transbay Tube near the West Oakland station. The switch would not respond to remote commands so it had to be manually switched," CBS 5 reports.

By 7:30, another train had been called out to push the disabled train back to the 12th Street Station, where its 60 passengers were evacuated to another train, KRON 4 reports. As you might imagine, some riders took to Twitter to express their wrath.

CBS 5 reports that "BART crews were inspecting the area where the train broke down to make sure no equipment was damaged. The stalled train will also be inspected once it is taken to a maintenance yard to try to find out the cause of the problem."

Trains were then able to single-track through the area, the Chron reports, but delays persisted.

"We do have delays right now because trains are moving at a slower speed and we have a backup of train traffic" BART spokesperson Jim Allison told the Chron.

In addition, reports the Chron, service elsewhere was slowed by "switching problems on various trains in the West Oakland area and several medical emergencies on different trains." All in all, a fantastic way to start the week.